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Monday, 11 March 1912
Home International Championship 1911-12 (29th) Match

Wales 0 England 2 [0-2]

Match Summary
England Party

Team Records

The Racecourse, Mold Road, Wrexham, Denbighshire
Attendance: 10,000;
Receipts: £570; Kick-off: 3.30pm GMT

England - George Holley ('after getting a clear opening following a Simpson cross' 2), Bert Freeman ('received the ball while apparently in an offside position and going through, he had Evans beaten all the way' 41);
Results 1901-14

England won the toss, Wales kicked-off.


Match Summary





Referee - Thomas R. Dougray

Linesmen - J. Butterfield, Liverpool, and not known

  Goal Attempts  
  Attempts on Target  
  Hit Bar/Post  
  Corner Kicks Won  
  Offside Calls Against  
  Fouls Conceded  

Wales Team



No official ranking system established;
ELO rating 20th
Colours: Red shirts with white laced collar, and white shorts
Capt: Billy Meredith
as per photo, and associated filmclip
Selectors: Team selection chosen by Committee, following the Scotland match, on Saturday, 2 March 1912.
Wales Lineup
  Evans, Robert O. 30 August 1881 G Coventry City FC, England 9 16 GA
  Davies, Llewelyn C. 30/31 1881 RB Wrexham AFC 8 0
  Davies, Lloyd L. 35 23 February 1877 LB Northampton Town FC, England 11 1
  Hughes, Edwin 25/26 1886 RH Wrexham AFC 12 0
  Peake, Ernest 23 May 1888 CH Liverpool FC, England 8 0
  Jones, Joseph T. 25 9 January 1887 LH Stoke FC, England 2 0
  Meredith, William Henry 37 30 July 1874 OR Manchester United, England 38 9
  Wynn, George 25 14 October 1886 IR Manchester City FC, England 7 1
  Jones, Evan 23 20 October 1888 CF Oldham Athletic AFC, England 6 0
  Morris, Arthur Grenville 34 13 April 1877 IL Nottingham Forest FC, England 21 8
final app 1896-1912
  Vizard, Edward T. 22 7 June 1889 OL Bolton Wanderers FC, England 5 0


reserves not known
2-3-5 Evans -
Llew.Davies, Lloyd Davies -
Hughes, Peake,
J.Jones -
Meredith, Wynn,
E.Jones, Morris, Vizard.


Age 28.1 Appearances/Goals 11.5 1.7


England Team



No official ranking system established;
ELO rating 1st
Colours: White collared jerseys and navy blue shorts
Capt: Bob Crompton, fifteenth captaincy Selectors:
In charge: Charles Crump
The seven-man FA International Selection Committee, on Monday, 26 February 1912 at 42 Russell Square, London, alongside the draw for the FA Cup fourth round.
79th match, W 58 - D 14 - L 7 - F 277 - A 67.
England Lineup
  Williamson, Reginald G. 27 6 June 1884 G Middlesbrough FC 5 3 GA
  Crompton, Robert 32 26 September 1879 RB Blackburn Rovers FC 34 0
  Pennington, Jesse 28 23 August 1883 LB West Bromwich Albion FC 18 0
  Brittleton, J. Thomas 29 23 April 1882 RH The Wednesday FC 2 0
  Wedlock, William J. 31 28 October 1880 CH Bristol City FC 24 1
  Makepeace, J.W. Henry 30 22 August 1881 LH Everton FC 3 0
  Simpson, John 26
77 days
25 December 1885 OR Blackburn Rovers FC 5 1
oldest youngest player so far
  Jefferis, Frank 27 3 July 1884 IR Everton FC 1 0
Freeman, Bertram C. 26
150 days
13 October 1885 CF Burnley FC 4 3
Holley, George H. 26
112 days
20 November 1885 IL Sunderland AFC 8 7
  Evans, Robert E. 26
144 days
19 October 1885 OL Sheffield United FC 4 1


Woolwich Arsenal FC's Andy Ducat and Oxford City FC's Arthur Berry.

team changes:

Holley replaced Swindon Town FC's Harold Fleming, who was carrying an injury, at inside-left.

team notes:

It was at the same selection meeting that the Committee decided to turn down an invitation from France to play an international match.

appearance notes:

Bob Crompton extends his tally as England's record appearance holder, in this, the oldest team to be fielded by England thus far, a record broken for the fourth match in a row.
Jock Simpson is the youngest player of the eleven starting the match, thus breaking a record set in the previous match by Harold Fleming, by 594 days. Simpson will be the oldest youngest player until the next match.
2-3-5 Williamson -
Crompton, Pennington -
Brittleton, Wedlock, Makepeace -
Simpson, Jefferis, Freeman, Holley, Evans.


Age 28.0 Appearances/Goals 9.8 1.0


    Match Report

At Wrexham yesterday England added to a long list of victories over Wales at Association football, gaining a victory by two goals to none. Generally disappointing, the game, though ending in a decisive win, did not prove satisfactory from an English point of view, much of the football being indifferent, and the lead gained in the first half, which decided the result, scarcely gave a fair indication of the play. Wales during this period were often dangerous, the English defence being very moderate at times...

...Evans got away and centred. Wedlock took the ball from Peake, passed to Jefferis, who sent Simpson off on the right. The Welsh defence all crowded across, and the Blackburn Rover centring, Holley was left a clear opening, of which he made full use...

England largely controlled the play, and from a pass by Jefferis Freeman dribbled robustly through the centre and beat Evans... - The Manchester Guardian - Tuesday 12th March, 1912


It was on 11 March 1912 that the cross-examination of Frederick Seddon and his wife, Margaret continued. The pair were accused of murdering their 47-year-old lodger, Eliza Barrow by poisoning her with arsenic in order to inherit her money, having persuaded her to change her will, only the day before she died. Three days later, his wife was found not guilty, but Frederick was convićted, and hanged, the following month.

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