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Saturday, 3 May 1947
End-of-Season International Friendly Match

England 3 France 0 [0-0]


Match Summary
England Party
France Party

Arsenal Stadium, Highbury, Islington, County of London
Kick-off (DDST): 3.30pm. (two hours ahead of standard time)

unknown kicked-off  
[1-0] Tom Finney 51
 hot in his stride following a Mannion pass

[2-0] Wilf Mannion 64
 lobbed the keeper after his poor clearance

[3-0] Raich Carter 77
 from a Lowe dummy and cross
Commentator: Jimmy Jewell

Match Summary

Officials (black)         




Louis Andre Baert
43 (29 December 1903), Gent, Belgium.
The FIFA ruling of allowing a substitute to replace an injured player prior to the 44th minute, and a goalkeeper at any time, is in place.
Mr. G. Clark, London Monsieur Boes, France

England Team



No official ranking system established;
ELO rating 4th
Colours: The 1946 home uniform - White collared jerseys, blue shorts, black socks with white tops.
6th match, W 5 - D 1 - L 0 - F 23 - A 5.
Capt: George Hardwick,
sixth captaincy.
Manager: Walter Winterbottom, 34 (31 March 1913), appointed as FA national director of coaching/team manager on 8 July 1946;
6th match, W 5 - D 1 - L 0 - F 23 - A 5.
Team chosen by Selection Committee headed by Arthur Drewry following the match on 12 April at Wembley.
England Lineup
  Swift, Frank V. 33 26 December 1913 G Manchester City FC 6 5 GA
2 Scott, Lawrence 30 23 April 1917 RB

Arsenal FC

6 0
3 Hardwick, George F.M. 27 2 February 1920 LB

Middlesbrough FC

6 0
4 Wright, William A. 23 6 February 1924 RHB

Wolverhampton Wanderers FC

6 0
5 Franklin, Cornelius 25 24 January 1922 CHB

Stoke City FC

6 0
6 Lowe, Edward 21 11 July 1925 LHB Aston Villa FC 1 0
7 Finney, Thomas 25 5 April 1922 OR

Preston North End FC

5 4
8 Carter, Horatio S. 33 21 December 1913 IR

Derby County FC

12 7
9 Lawton, Thomas 27 6 October 1919 CF Chelsea FC 14 12
10 Mannion, Wilfred J. 28 16 May 1918 IL

Middlesbrough FC

6 7
11 Langton, Robert 28 8 September 1918 OL

Blackburn Rovers FC

5 1

unused substitutes:

Phil Taylor (Liverpool FC) and Stan Mortensen (Blackpool FC).

team notes:

Burnley FC's amateur Peter Kippax was the orginal outside-left, he withdrew from the side on Tuesday, 29 April because of him suffering from influenza. His initial replacement Jimmy Mullen (Wolverhampton Wanderers FC) withdrew on 1 May after his club required his services. Bobby Langton was drafted in as a third replacement.
2-3-5 Swift  -
Scott, Hardwick -
Wright, Franklin, Lowe -
Finney, Carter, Lawton, Mannion, Langton.


Age 27.3 Appearances/Goals 6.6 2.5


France Team



No official ranking system established;
ELO rating 27th
Colours: Light blue collared jerseys, white shorts, red socks
Capt: Oscar Heisserer Selectors: Team chosen by the Selection Committee, headed by Gaston Barreau, on Monday 28 April 1947.
France Lineup
  Darui, Julien 31 16 February 1916
in Luxembourg
G CO Roubaix-Tourcoing 15 26 GA
2 Swiatek, Jean 24 11 December 1921
in Poland
RB FC des Girondins de Bordeaux 4 0
3 Marche, Roger 23 5 March 1924 LB Stade de Reims 2 0
4 Cuissard, Antoine 22 19 July 1924 RHB/
FC de Lorient 6 0
5 Grégoire, Jean, injured 24 27 July 1922 CHB
Stade français 1 0
6 Prouff, Jean 27 12 September 1919 LHB Stade de Rennes 6 1
7 Vaast, Ernest 24 28 October 1922 OR RC de Paris 9 6
8 Heisserer, Oscar 32 18 July 1914
in Schirrhein, Germany
IR RC de Strasbourg 21 8
9 Bongiorni, Emile 26 19 March 1921 CF RC de Paris 3 1
10 Tempowski, Boleslav 25 31 May 1921
in Poland
IL Lille Olympique SC only app
1 0
11 Lechantre, Jean 25 13 February 1922
in Belgium
OL Lille Olympique SC 1 0

unused substitutes:

Jacques Favre (Rennes) and Roger Gabet (RC de Paris)

team notes:

Original centre-half, Swiatek replaced Strasbourg's Segundo Pascual at right-back. Reserve Jean Grégoire took up the vacant centre-half position. Tempowski also replaced the original choice inisde-left, Lille's Baratte.
The French appearance tallies also include matches played during the war, considered by The FA as unofficial war internationals.
2-3-5 Darui -
Swiatek, Marche -
Cuissard, Grégoire
(Cuissard), Pouff -
(Grégoire), Heisserer, Bongiorni, Tempowski, Lechantre.
notes: Grégoire was injured during the second half and spent his time on the wing.


Age 25.7 Appearances/Goals 6.3 1.5


    Match Report by Mike Payne

FRANCE were totally outclassed by England in an interesting international at Highbury, home of Arsenal FC. The fact that the visitors held out until after half-time was mainly due to Da Rui's acrobatics in the French goal.

England were soon pressing forward and enjoyed virtually all the possession in the first 45 minutes. They tended to spoil their approach play, though, by over elaborating in midfield. This gave the French the time to regroup in defence and the vistors did this well.

Da Rui saved well from Tommy Lawton and Tom Finney from England's best efforts of the half, whilst France's only worthwhile shot flew over Frank Swift's crossbar from Lechantre. It was remarkable that the scoreline was still blank at the break, as England had been so much on top.

After the interval, however, England were much more sensible about their passing. Raich Carter and Wilf Mannion began to release the ball much earlier and holes soon began to appear in the rear French rearguard.

After 51 minutes, the breakthrough arrived. A sparkling move involving high-speed passing between Bobby Langton, Carter, Lawton and Mannion ended with Finney taking the final pass in his stride to shoot home a fine goal. It was significant that not one Frenchman had touched the ball in 50 yards.

France hit back briefly when Tempowski forced Swift into a full-length save, but Mannion soon underlined England's superiority with a second goal. Swiatek made a poor clearance and the England number-ten expertly lobbed the ball over the goalkeeper and into the net.

Fifteen minutes from the end, Lowe, on a satisfying debut, capped a fine second half for his team by selling the whole French defence a dummy before putting Carter through with a glorious pass for England's third goal.

By this time France were all at sea and only some desperate tackling prevented further goals. Once again, a European challenge had failed on English soil.

    Match Report by Norman Giller

The selectors continued to dither over whether to play Matthews or Finney. The Preston plumber got the nod this time, making his mark with the first goal in a 3-0 canter against a French team whistled and jeered for their shirt-pulling and spoiling tactics. Wilf Mannion scored the second goal with a delightful lob over French goalkeeper Da Rui, who had kept a blank sheet in the first half with a series of spectacular and unconventional saves. Eddie Lowe, making his debut at left-half, sent three defenders the wrong way with an outrageous dummy before passing the ball into the path of Raich Carter, who coolly slotted home England's third goal.

Source Notes

Original newspaper reports
  Rothman's Yearbooks
Mike Payne's England: The Complete Post-War Record

Norman Giller, Football Author