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1974 Yellow
1976 Blue

1981 Blue


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England's Away Uniform
June to May

1970 Away Uniform
1974 Home Uniform
1980 Home Uniform
1982 Away Uniform

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  • Red short-sleeved shirt. Deep red v-neck, with a winged collar, edged with a white and royal-blue stripe. White and royal-blue stripe from neck down to cuffs along each sleeve seam. White and royal-blue striped cuffs, two stripes of each colour. Emblem on left breast on a white embroidered patch. Embroidered yellow logo on right breast, overlaid with 'Admiral' in royal-blue title-case lettering at the bottom, all within a royal-blue border. White numbers on back in standard Admiral font.
  • White shorts, with white drawstring, and a red and royal-blue stripe down the seams. Ironed-on yellow logo on left thigh, overlaid with 'Admiral' in navy-blue title-case lettering at the bottom, all within a navy-blue border.
  • Red socks, with white and royal blue-stripe across tops.

Because each player was given a choice of sleeve length, and later shirt material, for each game - choices that were also changed at half-time by a number of players - it is virtually impossible to define exactly what each player wore in each half of every international. Video and photographic evidence is simply not clear enough for all. It is possible, however, to identify the sleeve lengths worn in every game and also the games where each variation was introduced. Shirts of a lighter material, as had been introduced for the home shirt in 1975, were worn against Uruguay and Austria. Then, for the last two games when the kit was worn, the material had changed to match that of the shiny new home shirt that had been introduced in 1980. For the other games, the following variations were observed:

  • From the games played in 1977, the seams on England's shorts had a narrower red and blue stripe, though the older, wider stripes were also worn on the same tour.
  • A long-sleeved version was worn by four players in the game against West Germany, the only difference being that the stripes at the cuffs were increased to four of each colour. Phil Neal, Stuart Pearson and Ray Wilkins all started the game in long sleeves, whilst Emlyn Hughes started in short sleeves, and switched to a long-sleeved shirt at half-time, though he wore it with the sleeves rolled up.
  • England introduced a new number font in 1978, and wore it for the first time against Brazil, though six players (Steve Coppell, Trevor Francis, Brian Greenhoff, Kevin Keegan, Bob Latchford (below) and Mick Mills) all changed, at half-time, into shirts bearing the older-style font that had been worn in each of the previous five games when this shirt was worn.


  • For the last two games in which the kit was worn, the logo on the right breast was updated to the same one that had been worn on the home shirt since 1980. It was an embroidered red logo, overlaid with 'Admiral' in royal-blue title-case lettering at the bottom, all within a white border. The logo on the shorts against Romania remained unchanged (the ironed-on yellow logo).
  • For the last game in which the kit was worn, against Brazil in 1981, the logo on the left thigh of the shorts was the updated red version, overlaid with 'Admiral' in royal-blue title-case lettering at the bottom, all within a white border.
Most Appearances 9 - Kevin Keegan, Dave Watson, Ray Wilkins (1 sub)
  • Of the three players, Keegan spent the most time on the pitch.
  • Alvin Martin and Peter Withe both made their international debuts against Brazil in the last game in which the shirt was worn.
  • Three players won their last cap wearing this shirt. Tony Currie made his 17th appearance in it, and Bob Latchford made his twelfth. Gerry Francis was the third.
Scorers 5 - Kevin Keegan
3 - Stuart Pearson
1 - Peter Barnes, Mick Channon, Steve Coppell, Dave Watson, Ray Wilkins
  • Wilkins was the only player to score his first international goal in this shirt.
  • Three of Pearson's five international goals were scored in this shirt (including his last).
  • Barnes also scored his last England goal in this shirt. It was his fourth overall.
Captains 6 - Kevin Keegan
2 - Emlyn Hughes
1 - Gerry Francis, Dave Watson
  • Francis captained England in the red shirt for the first time (after seven in the white shirt), on the occasion of his twelfth and last international appearance, against Finland.
  • Watson was the only player to captain England for the first time in this shirt.

In a reverse to the 1974 home shirt, England wore red shirts with white shorts and red socks.

Five of its first six appearances were against fellow World Cup winners, including for every game of the first unbeaten tour of South America, in 1977, as the three-year reign of Don Revie came to an end.

The Under-21 team wore a matching pair of red shorts (with white drawstring, white and royal-blue stripe down the seam, ironed-on yellow logo on left thigh, overlaid with 'Admiral' in navy-blue title-case lettering at the bottom, all within a navy-blue border), turning it into an all-red kit, against Switzerland on 18 November 1980 at Ipswich. Their accompanying red shirts were of the original design i.e. without the new material and logo worn five months later against Romania by the full international side.

Photos above are displayed with permission from Simon Shakeshaft, curator of the National Football Shirt Collection at England Match Shirts, which is part of the Neville Evans Collection. They are nice illustrations of the main changes that this shirt underwent during its five-year service. Both shirts were worn by Dave Watson. The first, above left, is a long-sleeved shirt with the original yellow and blue Admiral logo and the second, above left, worn against Romania in 1981, is a short-sleeved shirt with the updated red, white and blue Admiral logo. As both are number-five shirts, we also have excellent examples of the two different number fonts used on these shirts.

Matches in which England wore the 1976 Away Red Uniform
Season 1975-76


Don Revie

World Cup Preliminary match
503 13 June 1976 - Finland 1 England 4 [1-2]
Olympiastadion, Töölö, Helsinki
Pearson, Keegan (2), Channon
Season 1976-77
Tour of South America
512 8 June 1977 - Brazil 0 England 0 [0-0]
Estádio Jornalista Mário Filho, Maracanã, Rio de Janeiro
England wore the red away shirt with the white away shorts, but wore plain blue socks, against Brazil.
513 12 June 1977 - Argentina 1 England 1 [1-1]
Estadio Camilo Cichero, La Boca, Buenos Aires
514 15 June 1977 - Uruguay 0 England 0 [0-0]
Estadio Centenario, Parque Batlle, Montevideo (25,000)
Season 1977-78


Ron Greenwood

Friendly matches
518 22 February 1978 - West Germany 2 England 1 [0-1]
Olympiastadion, Westend, München
Worm, Bonhof
519 19 April 1978 - England 1 Brazil 1 [0-1]
Wembley Stadium, Wembley, London
Season 1978-79
European Championship Preliminary match
531 6 June 1979 - Bulgaria 0 England 3 [0-1]
Stadion Vasil Levski, Sredets, Sofija
Keegan, Watson, Barnes AW
England wore the red away shirt with the white away shorts, but wore the 1974 home white socks, against Bulgaria.
Svenska Fotbollförbundet 75th Anniversary match
532 10 June 1979 - Sweden 0 England 0 [0-0]
Råsunda Fotbollstadion, Solna kommun, Stockholms län
Friendly match
533 13 June 1979 - Austria 4 England 3 [3-1]
Praterstadion, Prater, Wien
Pezzey (2), Welzl (2)
Keegan, Coppell, Wilkins
Season 1980-81
World Cup Preliminary match
551 29 April 1981 - England 0 Romania 0 [0-0]
Wembley Stadium, Wembley, London
Friendly match
552 12 May 1981 - England 0 Brazil 1 [0-1]
Wembley Stadium, Wembley, London
Zico HL

Other matches in which England wore the 1976 Away White Shorts
Season 1975-76


Don Revie

American Bicentennial Cup
501 23 May 1976 - Brazil 1 England 0 [0-0]
LA Memorial Coliseum, Exposition Park, Los Angeles
Roberto NL
England wore the 1974 white home shirt with the white away shorts and 1976 alternative yellow socks, against Brazil.
Season 1980-81


Ron Greenwood

World Cup Preliminary match
548 15 October 1980 - Romania 2 England 1 [1-0]
Stadionul 23 August, Sector 2, Bucureşti
Răducanu, Iordănescu (pen)
England wore all white; the 1980 white home shirt and socks, with the white away shorts, against Romania.
Friendly match
550 25 March 1981 - England 1 Spain 2 [1-2]
Wembley Stadium, Wembley, London
Satrústegui, Zamora
England wore all white; the 1980 white home shirt and socks, with the white away shorts, against Spain.
World Cup Finals in Spain
568 29 June 1982 - West Germany 0 England 0 [0-0]
Estadio Santiago Bernabéu, Chamartín, Madrid
England wore the 1982 red away shirt and socks, with the 1976 white away shorts, against West Germany.

Other match in which England wore the 1976 Away Red Socks
Season 1979-80


Ron Greenwood

European Championship Preliminary match
536 22 November 1979 - England 2 Bulgaria 0 [1-0]
Wembley Stadium, Wembley, London
Watson, Hoddle HW
England wore the 1974 white home shirt with the blue home shorts and red away socks, against Bulgaria.

The Under-21 and Youth teams wore the same design, except that each wore an embroidered scroll below the emblem on a white rectangular patch, within which was displayed, in navy blue, either INTERMEDIATE (for the Under-21s) or YOUTH (for the Under-20s and Under-18s). England's B team wore an identical kit to the full international team, without the scrolls. When the Under-20s played against Romania in Adelaide in the World Youth Championship third-place play-off in 1981, they wore red numbers on the right thigh of their shorts in a different font to that on the back of the shirts.

Worn by 32 Players
Viv Anderson Peter Barnes  Sir Trevor Brooking Mick Channon
 Trevor Cherry Steve Coppell Laurie Cunningham Tony Currie
Gerry Francis Trevor Francis  Brian Greenhoff Emlyn Hughes
 Kevin Keegan Ray Kennedy Bob Latchford Paul Madeley 
Alvin Martin Terry McDermott   Mick Mills  Phil Neal 
Russell Osman Stuart Pearson  Graham Rix Bryan Robson
Kenny Sansom  Brian Talbot Phil Thompson  Colin Todd
Dave Watson  Ray Wilkins  Peter Withe Tony Woodcock 


England's Record wearing the 1976 Away Shirt
Type P W D L F A GD FTS CS FAv AAv Pts % W/L
Home 3 0 2 1 1 2 -1 2 1 0.333 0.667 33.3 -1
Away 8 2 4 2 12 8 +4 3 4 1.50 1.00 50.0 =0
Total 11 2 6 3 13 10 +3 5 5 1.182 0.909 45.5 -1

Two number-ten shirts from Richard Clarke's 'Three Lions - England Match Worn Shirts' Facebook Collection. These were worn by Trevor Francis in 1978 (left) and Graham Rix in 1981 (right) and are further examples of different logos, number fonts and shirt materials worn during this period.