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340 Party vs. Spain
Sunday, 22 May 1960
International Friendly Match

Hungary 2 England 0 [0-0]
Match Summary
Hungary Party
England Party

Team Records


The Chile Chicks Spring Tour Party - Pre-Hungary  May 1960
Player Birthdate Age Pos Club starts subs App Capt
Armfield, James 21 September 1935 24 RB Blackpool FC 7 0 7 0 0
Baker, Joseph H. 17 July 1940 19 CF Hibernian FC, Scotland 4 0 4 1 0
Brabrook, Peter 8 November 1937 22 OR Chelsea FC 3 0 3 0 0
Brabrook was drafted into the senior party on 28 April
Charlton, Robert 11 October 1937 22 OL Manchester United FC 17 0 17 13 0
Clayton, Ronald 5 August 1934 25 RHB Blackburn Rovers FC 35 0 35 0 5
Connelly, John M. 18 July 1938 21 OR Burnley FC 4 0 4 1 0
Connelly withdrew from the party on 28 April to undergo an operation
Douglas, Bryan 27 May 1934 25 OR Blackburn Rovers FC 13 0 13 2 0
Flowers, Ronald 28 July 1934 25 LHB Wolverhampton Wanderers FC 13 1 14 2 0
Greaves, James P. 20 February 1940 20 IL Chelsea FC 7 0 7 3 0
Haynes, John N. 17 October 1934 25 IR Fulham FC 35 0 35 14 1
Hodgkinson, Alan 16 August 1936 23 GK Sheffield United FC 4 0 4 4ᵍᵃ 0
Howe, Donald 12 October 1935 24 FB West Bromwich Albion FC 23 0 23 0 0
Knapp, Tony 13 October 1936 23 CHB Leicester City FC 0 0 0 0 0
Robson, Robert W. 18 February 1933 27 IR West Bromwich Albion FC 6 0 6 2 0
Springett, Ronald D. 22 July 1935 24 GK Sheffield Wednesday FC 4 0 4 8ᵍᵃ 0
Swan, Peter 8 October 1936 23 CHB Sheffield Wednesday FC 2 0 2 0 0
Viollet, Dennis S. 20 September 1933 26 IL Manchester United FC 0 0 0 0 0
Wilson, Ramon 17 December 1934 25 LB Huddersfield Town AFC 3 0 3 0 0

All information is complete to and including England's last match, the sixth of the 1959-60 season, against Spain on 15 May 1960.


Friday, 8 April 1960 - Joe Baker, Hibernian's 19 year-old centre-forward, will not play for England in their tour matches against Spain and Hungary next month. Hibs, who have never refused to release the Liverpool-born star before for Intermediate and Full internationals, are now doing the 'Spurs act' on the England selectors.
Tottenham Hotspur refused to release three Scotsman, Dave Mackay, Bill Brown and John White, for the international match at Hampden Park tomorrow.
Before England could make their official approach, the Edinburgh club let it be known tonight that they fully intend to refuse permission.

Tuesday, 12 April 1960 - Both the International Selection and Intermediate Selection Committees  meet at Lancaster Gate, the headquarters of the Football Association to pick the England tour party and a side to meet Young England on Cup Final eve. However, after spending two hours and forty minutes, they refused to name the players they had chosen. An FA official said: "An announcement will be made after Easter." He added that the selectors would be seeing further matches before any announcement.

Tuesday, 19 April 1960 -
The Hibernian club have agreed to allow their 45-goal striker to go on the England tour next month. The Edinburgh club thought it would be wrong to deprive Joe Baker of any further honours.

Wednesday, 20 April 1960 - The 'secret' teams which the selectors picked last Tuesday are finally announced today. Many club managers speak out over the 'silliness' of the selectors, as the England tour clashes with many club tours and these clubs are losing their star players. The team and the reserves that face Yugoslavia will be the party that tours Spain and Hungary.
The ISC have pinned their hopes on youth, with reports stating that they have named a 'youngest-ever international side', and the 'youngest-ever 17-man tour party.' Out goes Bill Slater, who was only yesterday voted as the Footballer of the Year. Peter Broadbent and Ray Parry are also dropped. John Connelly is dropped to reserve status.

[The side that faced Yugoslavia is in fact 480 days older than the team that met Wales 207 days earlier]
The Senior side that will face the Young England team at Highbury on 6 May, Cup Final eve, is also chosen: Springett; Armfield & Wilson; Robson, Swan & Kay; Connelly, Haynes, Baker, Greaves & Charlton; Viollet is the reserve.

Thursday, 28 April 1960 - Peter Brabrook, Chelsea's outside-right, gets a surprise tour with the full England team to Spain and Hungary next month in place of John Connelly, who is to have a cartilage operation this weekend.
Brabrook will also take Connelly's place in the match against Young England. However, if the FA Cup Final between Wolverhampton Wanderers and Blackburn Rovers goes to a replay, then Brabrook will take Bryan Douglas' place against Yugoslavia.

Friday, 6 May 1960 - England 2 Young England 1 - "The end-of-term atmosphere, traditionally associated with the Wembley eve romp between England Senior and Junior Sides, was disturbed at Highbury last night—by the audience of 34,000. They stood shoulder to shoulder in absolute silence for most of the game. Only the occasional burst of appreciative clapping convinced us that we were not in the reading room of the British Museum. It revealed how anxiously British fans will be following the two international tours and wondering: Can our stock sink any lower? Joyfully, the signs are good. Joe Baker methodically crashed England beyond any possible embarrassment with two goals in 34 minutes. Young England sportingly saved their retaliation until six minutes from time, when Burnley's Ray Pointer headed the best goal of the game. One problem might well have turned the 34,000's silence into sleeplessness. The amazing persistence of playing Manchester United's Bobby Charlton at outside-left still makes little sense. Charlton had to be pushed, prompted and cajoled into action. The result was two high-shots and two more straight at the goalkeeper."
- Ian Wooldridge, News Chronicle

Sunday, 8 May 1960 - Bryan Douglas' place for England against Yugoslavia on Wednesday is in doubt after all, and not because of a replay. Wolves ran out 3-0 winners in the Cup Final, but Douglas, Blackburn's winger, strained his groin and is undergoing treatment in the team's hotel in London today. Peter Brabrook remains on standby.

Monday, 9 May 1960 - Ray Wilson was having intensive treatment tonight following a shock training injury at the Bank of England Sports Ground in Roehampton, which could keep him out of Wednesday's friendly match. While his England team-mates were attending a reception at the Yugoslav Embassy, Wilson, along with trainer Harold Shepherdson, was receiving treatment at Arsenal's Highbury Stadium. After the two-hour training session, which included an eight-a-side training match, Walter Winterbottom said: "We think Ray will be all right. But at first it looked serious. His knee locked when he fell in our work-out at Roehampton. And it looked as though he was out of the game." If there is any doubt over Wilson's fitness, then Don Howe will take his place. Bryan Douglas, who missed todays training, is certain to be fit and take his place at Wembley. Ronnie Clayton, also missing from training, was in Blackburn taking part in their Cup celebrations.

Wednesday, 11 May 1960 - England 3 Yugoslavia 3 - "The fighting heart of Scotland's Joe Baker saved England again. For the second time this season the bustling Baker came down from Edinburgh to stage a last-minute Wembley rescue act. On this afternoon of dismal football, the Hibernian leader produced a brilliant flick which bounced on to the crossbar and back on to the head of Johnny Haynes. Haynes scored—and that goal stopped Yugoslavia from becoming the third invaders in 97 years to win in England. Even this didn't satisfy Baker. He almost snatched a sensational and undeserved victory when he headed against the post just as the referee was about to end the match. But even the spirit of Baker cannot translate this performance into a satisfactory prologue for the tour to Spain and Hungary. For perhaps the first time, England were gently booed and given the slow hand-clap by the 60,000 at Wembley yesterday."
- John Camkin, News Chronicle

Thursday, 12 May 1960 - The England party leave from London Airport shortly after their younger counterparts and arrive in the early evening sunshine in Madrid. They bumped their way across the Bay of Biscay, already two hours late because of head winds. And another 250-mile trip to their hotel in the isolation of the cool foothills. The party includes just one selector, Chesterfield's Harold Shentall. Joe Mears is absent 'through business reasons', although Sir Stanley Rous is accompanying Walter Winterbottom.

5.45pm Friday, 13 May 1960 - In the centre-circle of the Bernabeu Stadium, England's skipper Ronnie Clayton has been dropped for Sunday's match. The captain will be Fulham's Johnny Haynes. Not since 1951, when Billy Wright was rested, has a captain of England been left out of the side. At the team's isolated hotel, Clayton was called to one side by Walter Winterbottom and told that he would not be playing. Three hours later Haynes was named as captain. Also out is Clayton's clubmate, Bryan Douglas. Bobby Robson and Peter Brabrook come in. "Ron took the news very well," said Winterbottom. "He knows he has not been in top form recently. Naturally he stays as captain for the touring party and Haynes is captain only for Sunday's match."
Sunderland AFC director, Syd Collings, has been called in to support the 80-year-old Harold Shentall.

Saturday, 14 May 1960 - The Football Association are incensed at the suggestion that Real Madrid stars Alfredo di Stefano and Francisco Gento are to be play only 44 minutes of the prestige friendly match tomorrow. "If true, that's outrageous—unthinkable. It would be making a mockery of international Soccer," an indignant Sir Stanley Rous said. "I shall politely, but firmly tell the Spanish F.A. we will only agree to players being replaced if they are injured." Both Real Madrid are needed for the European Cup Final match in Glasgow on Wednesday.

Sunday, 15 May 1960 - Spain 3 England 0 - "ONCE again I have to sum up an England display by saying the team were all good triers, but hard work and endeavour counted for nothing against the nonchalant Spaniards in the wet, glistening half-empty Bernabeu Stadium here this evening. In the last 10 minutes of a drab match, Barcelona's inside-right, Ramiro Martinez, of Uruguay, shot two fine goals to gild the score for Spain. There eas no doubt, however, that victory went to the better side. Once again England's troubles were all in attack. In the whole of the second half, the forwards—a goal down—could muster only two headers from Jimmy Greaves, and a shot apiece from Bobby Charlton and centre-forward Joe Baker. For some strange reason the England men have returned to the negative approach which cost progress in the 1958 World Cup. Every forward believes that he is a defender, and is most often to be found deep in his own half. Twice new captain Johnny Haynes cleared shots from close to his own line. Often wingers Peter Brabrook and Charlton—the alleged spearheads of the attack—were among the cluster of players frequently on the edge of England's penalty area. These tactics, in evidence against Yugoslavia at Wembley, helped slightly to strengthen the England defence. But England ignored the fact that goals—objective No. 1—can also be the best means of defence." - John Camkin, Daily News.

Monday, 16 May 1960 - The studious Walter Winterbottom has spent the day reliving yesterday's defeat. He has been probing and analysing, searching for the reason why a game England should have won finished with a result that his this morning's Madrid papers gloating. He has decided that the biggest single reason was the lack of defensive support. Jimmy Greaves spent the whole match upfield waiting for chances that seldom happened. Winterbottom said: "We don't want to announce our changes until after we have had a strenuous training session. I am pretty happy about the defence. The changes will be up front."

Tuesday, 17 May 1960 - Ten bumpy hours after leaving Madrid, England's party climbed wearily onto their coach for the final 100-mile leg of their journey to Lake Balaton. Reach their destination just after midnight of what is to be their headquarters for Sunday's match against Hungary. The same headquarters as where they prepared for the 1954 friendly match. With memories of 40,000 empty seats in Madrid, the Hungarian FA President, Sandor Barcs, at the airport assured the lone selector, Harold Shentall, that the match at the Nep Stadium is a sell-out.
Joe Mears, the 55-year-old Chairman of the International Selection Committee has resigned his post to concentrate on his position as vice-president of the Football League. The Chelsea FC chairman revealed that he resigned at Easter, but the FA asked him to delay any announcement until after the Hungary match. Howard Shentall, who is currently the only selector on the tour, is tipped to take over. Barnsley's Joe Richards is also a favourite. A new chief selector will be chosen the Football Association's Annual General Meeting next month.
The 'business reasons' Mears was absent because of was to establish two new Football League competitions. The Football League Cup, in direct competition to the Football Association's own cup competition, and an international league competition, that from next season, will involve English, Scottish and French League clubs, but the meeting in Turnberry, Ayrshire, yesterday involved representatives from the Swiss and Italian Leagues too. It could well be a forerunner to a European Super League. Italy will meet England and Scotland in League International matches.

Wednesday, 18 May 1960 - The England party rested this morning near Lake Balaton, before training at the local ground on the evening before they watched the European Cup Final on Eurovision. Bobby Robson is suffering with a throat infection.

Thursday, 19 May 1960 - As anticipated, there are two changes to the England line up. Dennis Viollet comes into make his debut, in place of Jimmy Greaves. And Bryan Douglas, who lost his place to Peter Brabrook for the Spain match, takes his place instead of him. In the training sessions at the local ground, Walter Winterbottom has aimed at 'welding his attack into a more penetrative force.' Bobby Robson, who has spent the day in bed, has had penicillin treatment.

Friday, 20 May 1960 - The England team ended a three-day stay at their Lake Balaton camp, where they have played water polo, cricket and lawn tennis in the sunshine. Winterbottom said: "Our players have regained their confidence. I think Douglas and Viollet will strengthen the forward line and we shall play better than in Madrid. Bobby is now about 90% fit and looks as though he'll be all right." It could mean a recall for Ronnie Clayton, the current England captain. Jimmy Armfield also had a sore throat and Johnny Haynes had to visit hospital to be told he had scratched his throat with a fishbone!

Saturday, 21 May 1960 - Ron Springett damaged a thigh in saving a Bobby Charlton thunderbolt shot in training. After heat treatment, Springett lost his limp.

Sunday, 22 May 1960 - Hungary 2 England 0 - "The brilliance of Florian Albert, the 19 year-old Hungarian centre forward, ended a brave English fight here this evening. Two fine goals by him in the second half brought Hungary a victory they scarcely deserved. For once defeat does not mean dismay for England. Until the last 10 minutes Johnny Haynes and his men were the equals of the team in the famous cherry red shirts. It was a pity that a bold solid show by the defence, helped by a more thrustful forward line, should be brought to nothing by two more defensive mistakes. Each time Peter Swan was the unlucky culprit. I say unlucky because he kept the slim, fast Albert on tight rein for the whole of a humid evening. But he lost the ball in a tackle in the 50th minute and missed his kick completely when England were still in the fight 13 minutes from the end. Albert deserves the utmost credit for the manner in which he snatched his goals. This young master of Budapest is clearly destined to follow the footsteps of Puskas and other magic names who graced the Nep Stadium five years ago."
- John Camkin, Daily News

Sunday, 26 June 1960 - At the Football Association's Annual General Meeting and summer conference in Blackpool. Football League president Joe Richards has been appointed as the new chairman of England International selectors. He is head over a committee consisting of Winterbottom, Harold Shentall (Chesterfield FC), Norman Banks (Bolton Wanderers FC), Harry French (Middlesbrough FC), David Wiseman (Birmingham City FC), Len Shipman (Leicester City FC) and Joe Mears (Chelsea FC). The Intermediate Selection Committee also has a new chairman, Len Shipman.

England Form: last six games
D L W D D L  f 9:a 12  success: 42%
335 17 October 1959 - Wales 1 England 1 [0-1]
Ninian Park, Cardiff (63,000)
336 28 October 1959 - England 2 Sweden 3 [1-0]
Empire Stadium, Wembley (80,000)
Connelly, Charlton
Simonsson (2), Salomonsson
337 18 November 1959 -
England 2 Northern Ireland 1
Empire Stadium, Wembley (60,000)
Baker, Parry
338 9 April 1960 - Scotland 1 England 1 [1-0]
Hampden Park, Glasgow
Charlton (pen)
339 11 May 1960 - England 3 Yugoslavia 3 [1-1]
Empire Stadium, Wembley (60,000)
Douglas, Greaves, Haynes
Galić (2), Kostić
340 15 May 1960 - Spain 3 England 0 [1-0]
Estadio Santiago Bernabéu, Madrid(50,000)
Peirò, Martínez (2) tour AL