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NEWS the age of 94 years, former Boltoner Tommy Banks dies 1929-2024...
Live: Serbia 0 England 1 (Bellingham 13)
TODAY on 16th June 1861...Corinthian Arthur Bambridge is born in the Berkshire town of New Windsor THIS MONTH


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Serbia 0 England 1
last: 7 June 2024
England 0 Iceland 1
also England 3 Bosnia 0
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Lee Carsley
next: 6 September 2024
Northern Ireland vs. England
last: 26 March 2024
England 7 Luxembourg 0
Madueke (2), Iling-Junior (2), Bynoe-Gittens, Rogers (2)
also Azerbaijan 1 England 5
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Ben Futcher
next: tbc
last: 11 June 2024
England 2 Republic of Ireland 2
Brown, Scarlett (pen) ~ Hodge, Oko-Flex
also Sweden 1 England 2
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Will Antwi
next: tbc
last: 24 March 2024
England 2 United States 3
Cadamarteri (pen), Castledine ~ Campbell (2), Zambrano
also Morocco 1 England 1
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Sarina Wiegman
next: 12 July 2024
England vs. Rep. Ireland
at Carrow Road, Norwich
last: 31 May 2024
France 1 England 2
Diani (pen) ~ Stanway, Russo
also England 1 France 2
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Tom Curtis
next: tbc
last: 26 May 2024
England 2 Morocco 1
Wheatley (2) ~ Hamony
also England 4 Northern Ireland 2
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Greg Lincoln
next: tbc
last: 30 May 2024
Italy 1 England 1
Liberali ~ Nwaneri
Italy won 5-4 on penalties
also England 3 Spain 1, Portugal 4 England 1 & France 0 England 4
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Neil Ryan
next: tbc
last: 15 April 2024
England 1 Belgium 2
Simmonds ~ Naert, Muteba
also England 2 Italy 1
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England 2 Nepal 0
Kabamba, Stead
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